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Quick DIY Gift - Gold Leaf Chalkboard Coasters

DIY GiftHaley MulliganComment

Need a quick DIY gift? Look no further!

These Gold Leaf chalkboard Coasters are so simple and so adorable!

All supplies were found at my local Hobby Lobby!

Birch Wood Coasters
Chalkboard Paint
Foam Brush
Gold Leaf Sheets
Gold Leaf Adhesive
Gold Leaf Sealer

Just follow these quick simple DIY steps and you will have a great DIY gift in no time!

1. Paint birch coaster with chalkboard paint using your foam brush.
2. When chalkboard paint is dry - Now its time to gold leaf. Using your adhesive, a paint brush and gold leaf sheets apply the gold leaf to the edges of the coasters.
3. Seal the gold leaf with the sealer.
4. Add some flare with a cute chalk saying & you're done!!!

Happy Crafting!

XO Haley!