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Quick DIY Gift - Gold Leaf Chalkboard Coasters

DIY GiftHaley MulliganComment

Need a quick DIY gift? Look no further!

These Gold Leaf chalkboard Coasters are so simple and so adorable!

All supplies were found at my local Hobby Lobby!

Birch Wood Coasters
Chalkboard Paint
Foam Brush
Gold Leaf Sheets
Gold Leaf Adhesive
Gold Leaf Sealer

Just follow these quick simple DIY steps and you will have a great DIY gift in no time!

1. Paint birch coaster with chalkboard paint using your foam brush.
2. When chalkboard paint is dry - Now its time to gold leaf. Using your adhesive, a paint brush and gold leaf sheets apply the gold leaf to the edges of the coasters.
3. Seal the gold leaf with the sealer.
4. Add some flare with a cute chalk saying & you're done!!!

Happy Crafting!

XO Haley!

DIY White Washed Fireplace Makeover

DIY HomeHaley Mulligan1 Comment

So I finally took the plunge... I made the bold move and changed the ENTIRE look of the fireplace! Knowing it has always needed a makeover since we've moved in a year ago... it has just been a little intimidating to think once I do it, if I don't like it, Going back will be a very difficult process. 

But I DID IT! 
& I must say I am very pleased with the results!

Click Photo to Enlarge

It was a really easy process & can be finished in no time! It took me about 4 hours total to complete!


  • Latex Paint
  • Paint Stick
  • Chip Brush (or 2)
  • Container to mix paint in
  • T-Shirt Rags
  • High Texture Roller Cover
  • Standard Roller Frame Handle
  • Painters Tape
  • Water
  • Paint Tray
  • Tray liner

From Lowes - HGTV Home Sherwin Williams - Dover White in Eggshell.

First, Wipe down your fireplace brick, getting any dust or ash off of it as well as tape around your fireplace to avoid getting paint on the walls or floor!

Take your mixing container (I found one at Lowes in the paint section for around $1) and pour your latex paint in it. Then add water. I used 2 Parts Water to 1 Part Paint. Use a paint stick or your brush to mix it up really well! 
*It didn't take much paint to do my whole fireplace, this was with 4 coats. I just used paint I had around the house but a quart of paint or 2 sample sized paints from your local home improvement store should do the trick!*

Next, take your paint mixture, T-shirt rags, & Chip brush then start painting! :)
Brush on the paint doing a small section at a time making sure to hit the brick and the grout. Once you have a nice coat on it, take your t-shirt rag and dab the excess off. My brick was a very orangey-red (If that's even a word) so I knew this wouldn't be the only coat I would be doing but I wanted a nice white base to start!

After I finished one whole coat, I went back over it again with a second coat. After the second coat, I still wasn't 100% pleased. So I poured some of my paint mixture into a paint tray & using my high texture roller I rolled on another coat using medium pressure. Just enough to give it a nice effect but not too hard to where it takes away the different shades the white wash effect gave.

After 2 Coats

Even though the fireplace looked better than it's beginning state, I still wasn't happy.
So I went back in and did 1 more coat of white washing it with my brush and rag then 1 more coat with my roller!

Thus the finished look!

Click Photo to Enlarge

My awesome boyfriend built the amazing mantle! We followed Addicted 2 Decorating's tutorial. You can find it HERE.

That's all for now! Thank you for checking out the tutorial! Check back soon for more fun DIYs!

xo- Haley